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New Homes

Planning a new home is all about choices.


Choices about:

The size of your home,

Number of rooms you require,

Whether to build single or double storey,

The architectural style whether it be traditional or cutting edge contemporary design,




No need to worry, you are in expert hands.


Whether you already have plans or need help and inspiration, we can design a new home for you.

TK Building Design will work with you to produce a comprehensive design brief for your home, taking you through all the options to ensure you make an informed choice, combining all your needs and desires into a single integrated concept.


At TK Building Design, we blend style and innovation with your unique ideas and the practical demands of construction, to bring you a most functional and cost effective home solution, while remaining in harmony with your site’s local environment.


We are well versed in the rules and regulations governing new home construction, work with trustworthy licensed contractors who have been with us for years, so you can rest assured that your project will progress as smoothly as possible.


We are literally your one stop shop, providing you with peace of mind as you will only have to communicate with us throughout your project.

Our specialists include:


Visit our design process for a detailed overview of our design development procedures.